PlantFocus.com prints labels, garden cards and banners for growers, garden centres and wholesale. We can offer important assets that permit our customers to avoid overstock, the possibility to react quickly to a changing market and to stand out thanks to advanced personalization.

Each customer with PlantFocus.com has his own online catalogue, created based on his needs.In this online catalogue he can choose pictures, add and modify data, view examples or place his orders right away.Because of our digital printing, we do not ask minimum quantities per variety. You can count on fast deliveries, even for highly personalized labels.We offer a wide range of solutions for your projects: from the simplest solutions to the most complex.


Hangetiketten Steeketiketten Tuinkaarten

We are closed from 22 July to 2 August, order your labels before 6 July.

Our assets

  • Small quantities
  • Advanced personalization
  • Codes for product tracing and quality control
  • Extended editable botanical information
  • Minimal stock
  • Wide range
  • Fast delivery and multiple logistic solutions
  • Quality pictures
  • Focus on service